th3m4d0n3 (th3m4d0n3) wrote in php_elite,

So long no posts

Well it seems that this journal community has not communed for quite some time.
almost a year since the last post by me.
you know you can post to this as well, all you other members :).
well bidness has slowed down alot in this valley for custom web based apps so i have gone back to building custom homes for a while.
its nice, but it can be a pain in the back to go to that from sitting in a nice leather executive to building custom made homes for people.
well as that is the case, i have been out of the loop for a lil bit concerning new things added into the php function libs.
but if anyone ever wanted to post to this community about stuff, it would be a first and quite cool to discuss new techniques or answer questions.
oh btw if anyone is playin eq2 let me know cuz i just bought that to try it out and if you play we could meet up and rp for a bit.
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