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PHP Programming
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Friday, December 8th, 2006
6:40 pm
php_elite coding contest
well anyone can join so whatever.
I am starting a contest.
whoever can write the most awesome totally radalicious (by my standards)
program in php (yes you can make rpc's) wins a shell account on my new server.
4gb ram
dual dual xeons
4 raid1 750's

its sweetness embodied.
so hit me up on here with your proggies or urls to a demo


Current Mood: Rock and Roll baby!
Monday, January 9th, 2006
2:54 pm
So long no posts
Well it seems that this journal community has not communed for quite some time.
almost a year since the last post by me.
you know you can post to this as well, all you other members :).
well bidness has slowed down alot in this valley for custom web based apps so i have gone back to building custom homes for a while.
its nice, but it can be a pain in the back to go to that from sitting in a nice leather executive to building custom made homes for people.
well as that is the case, i have been out of the loop for a lil bit concerning new things added into the php function libs.
but if anyone ever wanted to post to this community about stuff, it would be a first and quite cool to discuss new techniques or answer questions.
oh btw if anyone is playin eq2 let me know cuz i just bought that to try it out and if you play we could meet up and rp for a bit.
Friday, January 28th, 2005
10:31 am
Welkom Jefzila
SYN: Jefzila,
Nice bike dude, i've got a Raleigh Race 600. Bikes R0x0r!
welcome to the ranks of php_elite, please post and stuff, show your eliteness.
once We get more members in there (php elite people) that 1. post 2. are actually php elite.
then well have a rockin community and stuff, where others can read up on the posts and ask questions and such of the elite.
so if anyone has any buddies they would consider elite, or if you yourself are elite.
please dont hesitate to speak up, join, or jump on your bed with glee.

Current Mood: gotta work work work
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
5:15 pm
Welcome coderlarry to php_elite
Hows it going?
so the ranks of php_elite are steadily growing :) 3! oh yeah, were pimpin it now.
Hopefully you will be a contributing member, i s'pose everyone else who joined just joined because
php_elite sounds "kewl man". maybe you will post something interesting on the topic of php.
All discussions of coding are very welcome, however maybe something in an area, such as socket coding,
or possibly using the gd library as a graphics engine for a game, things of that nature are what i would like.
i have wanted to start a post on one of those subjects, but i have been very busy preparing for my move to chicago
that time has been to short of late to write out the entire technical aspect of my project.
im working on it though so expect to see it up here in the near future :).
meanwhile someone, anyone please post your ideas or what not on coding to this community.

Current Mood: Cogitating
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
5:25 pm
long time no post
Well it seems that i have been neglecting my php_elite posting.
so here is a post.
someone new has joined the rather small group that is php_elite.
que pasa
and all that goodness that is a hello.
well im just waiting for someone to post to php_elite besides me.
right now i am working on some code for the roaring fork school district.
for the ELS system, part of Bush (yes, the dumbass pres) 's every child left behind act (ECLB).
it is specifically for tracking children through their progress in the school systems to make sure
that everyone is exactly where they need to be. such as being able to read and write, or being able to
pronounce words, or deduce a words meaning.
as much as the ECLB is made to make sure that kids cannot think for themselves, we are making it an actual
usable tool that will actually Help the kids rather than hinder their progress. if only we could rid the world of
standardised testing, that is just stupid.
well thats my current coding project.
A line of coding zen:

function socket_raw_connect ($server, $port, $timeout,$request)
if (!is_numeric($port) or !is_numeric($timeout)) {return false;}
$socket = fsockopen($server, $port, $errno, $errstr, $timeout);
fputs($socket, $request);
$ret = '';
while (!feof($socket))
$ret .= fgets($socket, 4096);
return $ret;
ohh give me goosebumps. raw data...*drools*.

Current Mood: calm cool collected
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
5:10 pm
New Member
Aloha to the new member enginsite,
To all I haven't had much time to post any new code in 2 weeks, sorry for all of you who read this and haven't had an update.
I will work on something here in a day or two. Probably something concerning my newest project.
web based store transaction system, that also can be an online store, but is used at the checkout line in a mall :).
Very spiffy stuff. Gonna have lots o fun with this.
I will post code here and there about it, and puzzles, challenges.
I've always liked nehe.gamedev.net and zend.com's coding challenges, they are the best. I want people to join this community first, and get input from users and such before that takes off.
back to work,

Current Mood: Do you think in code?
Friday, October 15th, 2004
4:00 am
Programming Goodness
I was lookin around and found this tonight. Very much kewlness, I am hopeing to join in on the fun in the development community so I can add in my ideas to make PHP even better.
This is a little bit of information I picked up on Creating Custom Exceptions and sending data to the parent class from a function in a subclass. Very spiffy.

query("SELECT NOW()");
catch(ConnectException $exception) {
echo "Connection Error\n";
catch(QueryException $exception) {
echo "Query Error\n";
/* Handle exceptions that we weren't expecting */
catch(Exception $exception) {
echo "Who was that masked exception?\n";



very spiffy, and I will be posting something using the new MySQLi class. Maybe a whole class system for the generation of graphics pulled from a database. Possibly attach that to a javascript paint proggy, or even better a flash paint proggy..... hmmm the posibilities are endless, but i have to get back to my money making... Gotta love it, but it would be so much more fun if i had a project that really challenged my knowledge and abilities, but well get to that someday.

Current Mood: Work work work
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