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Welcome coderlarry to php_elite

Hows it going?
so the ranks of php_elite are steadily growing :) 3! oh yeah, were pimpin it now.
Hopefully you will be a contributing member, i s'pose everyone else who joined just joined because
php_elite sounds "kewl man". maybe you will post something interesting on the topic of php.
All discussions of coding are very welcome, however maybe something in an area, such as socket coding,
or possibly using the gd library as a graphics engine for a game, things of that nature are what i would like.
i have wanted to start a post on one of those subjects, but i have been very busy preparing for my move to chicago
that time has been to short of late to write out the entire technical aspect of my project.
im working on it though so expect to see it up here in the near future :).
meanwhile someone, anyone please post your ideas or what not on coding to this community.
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